I crave your attention
just as I fear it,
wondering: what would you do
if you only knew?
I hear your laugh,
try to coax if from you
as a lover might coax a blush,
while despairing in the irony
that the only gift I can offer you
is the armor
I can’t help but hate.
I hate it as I love it.
I need it as I wish
that I could throw away
all such artifice.
Wish that I could
shed my sword and shield
all for you.
If you glance my way, though,
you might see me,
see a false man.
I fear your laughter
as much as I desire it.
For, if you see me,
you might use that glorious sound
as a weapon against me.


  1. It's Lady Who (Aneesa). Sorry that I've been away so long.
    I LOVE this piece. It's absolutely beautiful, darling.

  2. Thanks! It's an older piece, but I'm rather fond of it. I think this one was inspired by an acquaintance of mine that I was interested in. He was also my muse for "Euphemisms", "Searching for a Metaphor" and "The Way Things Are".